Trample on The Name of Jesus or else. . .

. . .be kicked out of class. Those were the options, according to reports, in a college class in Florida. Hum. What if I decided to make my college class trample on the name of Mohammed. Fatwa time. Big time price on my head. Oh, and I’d be fired on the spot.

1 Jesus-paper
Florida Atlantic University student Ryan Rotela provides example of Jesus’ name written on paper that students were instructed to stamp on in March, 2013 class. (source: WPEC-TV)

Read about this injustice and the student that refused to trample on the Name of Jesus here.

My Prayer:
Well, Lord, Bless student Ryan Rotela for his stand against the professor’s acts of violence against Your Name. Mr. Rotela glorified You, and should You desire Mr. Rotela to be exonerated, let it be done. Else, let him find peace and acceptance in another university, if one can be found, that is worthy of him.

As for instructor Deandre Poole. . . You, Lord, know what is best, what course of action is necessary. This professor, and all supporters of him, are trampling upon Your Holiness. They have that right, that freedom under America’s Constitution. But to demand that of others! Is not this akin to the sins of Nebuchadnezzar? Requiring a form of idolatry of others whether requiring worship or violence against G-d, is anathema. Is it not? This is a professor who is currently writing a book that sounds as if it will place a man in the position of a god. He is authoring the book, Obamamania: The Rise of a Mythical Hero. It’s Your choice, LORD. Bring Mr. Poole to his knees before You now. Bring him to repentance now. He doesn’t realize that he will one day kneel before You and confess that You are LORD. Let him do so now, that he may live, else he shall forever live apart from You. Should You desire, discredit him today that his book be smeared openly with its darkness, that it not deceive, that it not be accepted in the marketplace where it might deceive sheep who know no better.

LORD, it concerns me that people want to elevate their leaders to the ranks of mythical heroes, i.e., Greek gods. The people of Germany did this already in the 1930s, and a lot of people died as a direct result. LORD, act as You wish, as You know best. Save Americans from the misguided actions and words of those throughout our land who don’t know You. Else shall we all perish and be no more to offer praise to You, LORD. Your Will be Done, here on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Lord Bless y’all. . .

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