Blessed be the Name of the L-RD, Who came down from Heaven, walking among us as Y’shuaJesus. Through Messiah Y’shua we have life, and life abundantly. I cannot earn such a prize.

I am grateful to my parents, Col. Theodore M. Robinson and Megan Jenkins Robinson, and hope that I may honor them throughout my life. It is the least I can do, though not enough. I have three brothers: Mark, Grant, and Randy who’ve put up with me for so long. Throughout my childhood, my aunt Claudia, who is a year older, was my summer companion and sister-like friend, and remains special to me to this day.

There are many people who guided me as I grew into adulthood. A few are: Mrs. Violet Branz was a nurse in Corona, CA, and was my only babysitter as a child. She cared for me, prayed for me, and remained in touch with me for fifty years, until her death. Mr. “G” and Mr. Kitchen were two wonderful Christian teachers while I attended Brown Military Academy in Glendora, CA. Mr. Fredricks, who was a teacher at Northwestern Military and Navel Academy when my father attended, 1938-1943, and a counselor while I attended 1962-65, offered guidance and kindness. I knew and admired Chief “Mac” McCabe, and others during my time at Camp Roberts, CA, in the 1970s. There is also Elisabeth Runsvick Canoy, Steve-O Coutts, Philip Baruth, Nils Femiano, Joanne Smith, George “Chipper” Ferguson, who are prominent in my cherished memories. And there’s HRH Queen of Cadenza Cottage, pen pal and cherished friend, whom I greatly admire and appreciate.

Recently I’ve followed the lives of a number of people who share themselves on YouTube. I am grateful for them all. Especially Pastor Thabo of South Africa.

One day, we shall gather to feast together with all the wondrous people who’ve accepted Y’shuaJesus as their LORD and Savior.

Thank you, readers, for coming to JonahzSong and meeting with me.

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