Mr. Mayhem’s New Year’s Resolution

For the first few weeks of the New Year, a television commercial depicting Mr. Mayhem has made a New Year’s Resolution—no longer will he cause wanton destruction of property and life. It’s a nice touch, grabbing one’s eye immediately. It’s a real contrast to previous commercials where Mr. Mayhem causes, well, mayhem. Then just this … More Mr. Mayhem’s New Year’s Resolution


The Urban Dictionary defines poser as: one who pretends to be someone; who tries to fit in but with exaggeration. Ultimately a poser is one who must pretend to be something they are not. I’d not heard the term until my son poked a little fun at his girl friend’s father, calling him a poser … More Poser

Slog On

WordPress Daily Writing Prompt: Slog Slog. I’ve never heard it used before. It sounds like an Appalachian drink made with moon shine and a touch of molasses. It has an Earthy ring to it. Slog. It could be a great name for a dog that you take to the groomer for a bath and who … More Slog On

Holy Ghost Revival

Word Press Daily Prompt GHOST Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You? —Psalm 85:6 When I think of a Holy Ghost Revival, I think of the tent meetings, or camp meetings, popular into the 1960s. I also think of The Reverend Billy Graham and how his humble beginnings in … More Holy Ghost Revival

Carry Me

Word Press Daily Post: Carry “Carro me!” I asked my Dad. And he did. But then he left for awhile. And my mother and I left the ranch to live by the sea. My Welsh aunt joined us there. “Cario fi!” I asked my Mom, speaking Welsh. By then I was two. She couldn’t. For … More Carry Me


The Daily Post Prompt: Confused Kaleidoscope. It’s just a tube with mirrors and pieces of colored glass. One looks in one end and light enters the other. The tube is rotated and the viewer “observes beautiful forms,” which is what kaleidoscope means. Our lives are kaleidoscopes, and should we dare to examine them, we see … More Confused


The Daily Post: Apology “Sometimes sorry isn’t enough.” Having grown up in the sixties, when love was free and meant never saying your sorry, I thought she was speaking another language. She wasn’t. She meant it.