An Alien Invasion “May Be The Only Way To Unite. . .

. . . this increasingly divided world,” President Bill Clinton said on television talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month. “If we were visited someday, I wouldn’t be surprised.” This came from an article by Michael Snyder in The Truth in which Mr Snyder also writes: “Back in 1987, President Ronald Reagan made a … More An Alien Invasion “May Be The Only Way To Unite. . .

Brother Extraterrestrial

An article Vatican Astronomers Ramp Up Their Search For “Brother Extraterrestrial,” by Michael Snyder, is a bit disturbing, yet it goes hand-in-hand with United Nations’ thinking when it appointed an ambassador to deal with extraterrestrial beings. Snyder states that in a presentation at the 2013 Strategic Perspectives Conference, a Dr. Thomas Horn told the audience … More Brother Extraterrestrial