And the Bells Rang!

“And [Y’shuaJesus] answered and said to them, ‘I tell you that if these should be silent, the stones would cry out.’” (Luke 19:40 MKJV)

Parking at Frank’s Trucking Center, I wondered if this was the place I was suppose to be for the remainder of Saturday and on Sunday, before delivering my cargo on Monday. Being early in the afternoon, I took a walk. While located near two major highways, the truckstop is surrounded by small farms and rows of trees. It wasn’t too long before I saw a sign pointing to the “New Life Baptist Church.” I followed the road to the church. It sat unpretentiously behind a farm house.

As I approached to read the sign, check for the service times for Sunday’s service, I noticed the steeple and the cross above it. It didn’t fit the building style, which was more of a farm shed than the traditional church. But, as steeples with crosses perched upon them are becoming a thing of the past in favor of modern architecture, this was an effort to continue tradition. To my surprise, as I drew nearer, I spotted a bell over the entry to the church. Church Bells, how I love the sound. But, as I previously declared, they’re too silent in America these days.

Noting the time of the service, praising G-d for allowing me to be here and at least see a bell at a church, I thought again, “Perhaps this is where I’m suppose to be, that there is a purpose for me here.” I thought, too, it would be nice to hear the bell ring. It would ease my doubt. You see, earlier in the afternoon, I’d been at another truckstop, but moved to Frank’s. Once settled, and realizing there were not many other trucks or people, or amenities, I’d doubted myself. So I said, “If the bells ring tomorrow. . .” then walked back to the truck.

Back in the parking lot, a driver stopped to talk, asking me if the food was good. I said I’d not eaten in there yet, but heard it was good. We spoke for a minute, and he invited me to join him. We ate and talked. It was a friendly conversation. We finished our meals and he was headed to his truck, to bed, to sleep before leaving in the middle of the night. As we parted, I offered him the “Road Home New Testament for Truckers,” explaining that it contained many stories by truckers as well as the New Testament. He accepted it and thanked me.

“Is this what You wanted, LORD?” I asked and prayed for this trucker.

The next morning I walked to church. A breeze cooled me a bit in the warm, humid morning. I approached the church, parking lot nearly empty. There was no one in front of the church, no one to ring the bell. Just a symbol. Just for looks. I set one foot on the parking lot and bells in a cow pasture rang out. “Oh, LORD, how wonderful You are!” If the show bell won’t ring out, G-d provides another to take its place. As the Psalmist sang, as Y’shuaJesus quoted, even stones will cry out.

And on I went, to the task at hand: Receiving what the Lord had, giving what I might be able to give. For perhaps, too, there are other reasons to be where in a particular place, at a particular time. Lord knows, and encourages me along the way.

Lord Encourage you, too, and Bless, Keep, and Shine upon you always.

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