G-d is Always in Control

“Who is this who speaks, and it occurs, when the Lord does not command it?”
(Lamentations 3:37 MKJV)

The following, written a few years ago, seems an appropriate reminder that G-d is in control, though not always sensed:

By command of the Lord things happen. If it wasn’t commanded, it wouldn’t have happened—it can’t happen.

Several weeks before Easter I submitted a “Home Time” request to the company for which I drive truck. I intended to be home a week before Easter and through that Easter weekend. It didn’t happen that way, however.

I delivered early on Friday, the week before, hoping to be routed home at least by Monday. Monday came and nearly went before my load came over the communications system; I was to load pipe on Tuesday bound for Oklahoma City. Not only was it 500 miles short, it was in the wrong direction!

“Okay, LORD, let’s see what Your going to do.” But things weren’t looking too good. Fifteen trucks from my company were headed to the same place, at the same time. All of us would be hoping for load assignments after we delivered.

I loaded the pipe, had a short conversation with another driver, and headed out. I slept in the truck parking area at the pipe yard, arriving a few hours before the fellow I’d spoken to in Houston. In the morning, we were unload first, being first to arrive. Once unload, he suggested breakfast at a truck stop near by while we waited for loads.

We had a nice breakfast, and both of us were contacted to come to Tulsa, to the company terminal for dispatch from there. I dreaded going to Tulsa; it can take quite a while to get a load from there and it was already mid-day Wednesday.

Once in Tulsa, the other driver and I started talking again. This time I told him that I had some “Road Home” Truckers’ New Testiments, and said I’d like to give him one. His eyes teared a bit and he said “I knew you were a Christian!” I was a pastor, once. He told me his story of being ousted from the church for reasons I shant go, but beyond his control, and for nothing he, himself, did. Now he knew that God was prompting him to return to his relationship with Him.

I sat in Tulsa another day while loads went out to places near my home area, wondering if I’d been lost in the shuffle. Finally, late Thursday, I received a dispatch to a town 200 miles short of my home, for delivery after Easter. I couldn’t believe it. “LORD! What Now?”

I hooked up the pre-loaded trailer and headed out. As I prayed I began to believe I could arrive at the delivery site before it opened in the morning. I prayed that God would ensure that it would have the staff to unload me on Friday. I prayed I’d be able to drive all night safely, without incident.
I arrived around four in the morning, climbed into my sleeper bunk, and fell asleep. At eight o’clock, when the plant opened, I went to the office. “Thank You, LORD, I can unload today.”

Once unloaded, I went to a nearby truck stop, ate a nice breakfast, then slept for several hours before leaving empty for home. I mulled over the whole affair. I realized, more than I’d like to admit, I fretted quite a bit about getting home for Easter. What went wrong? Why were things so difficult sometimes?
The answer came quickly in the form of a remembrance of something written to a dear friend. I’d said that I was out here experiencing the things that truckers go through to better be able to empathize with them. It is one part of my assignment to be directed to the very place that I “run into someone” and present a Bible; it is another to experience the lifestyle of the trucker.

Through this experience I truly understand how little my faith is, how little my trust in God’s care and faithfulness. Even in the unpleasant experiences, God’s there. In Jesus, nothing that I “suffer” He hasn’t’ in much greater measure.

I also came to understand that things progress in small steps. I’m not superman; I don’t leap tall buildings. I can climb the stairs one step at a time. I learn to trust. I learn to have faith. I learn. One Step At A Time! Thank You, Lord Y’shuaJesus for understanding me and how I learn and grown. Thank You for drawing me to You even when I seem to resist. Thank You, My Teacher—Lord Y’shuaJesus Messiah.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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