Intentional Victory

. . .they were looking intently into the heaven. . .” (Acts 1:10 MKJV)

We looked, last time, briefly into victory. We are eternally victorious. Also, we are mandated to live victoriously today. On a daily basis, we must remember our home is in heaven and that we are bound there. Likewise, we must daily gaze intently, into Heaven. For as Luke writes in Acts, the angels told the disciples Y’shuaJesus will come in the same manner in which they watched Him depart.

This gazing into Heaven with intent is intentional living, intentional victory. As we rise in the morning, we have an opportunity to think though all we desire to accomplish during the day. We can choose to submit this in prayer to our Lord, and accept His will, His way, throughout our day. As we step through our plan with our Lord, we prepare ourselves to meet obstacles too. As we go about our day, we choose to be one who will not be defeated, to be one who overcomes. In a way, we are like the child’s inflatable toy that is round on the bottom, and weighted, and can’t be knocked down. It rolls over nearly touching the ground as a child hits it, but it pops right back up. It occurs to me that like that toy, victorious living is flexible living. We are intent upon Messiah throughout our day.

While driving throughout America, meeting people, talking to people, I meet many who seemed to rise above the inevitable difficulties thrust upon them. I also met many who seemed to live in constant defeat. There’s a slogan among truckers who pull flatbed trailers that says “Get ‘er done!” It is an attitude. It is a way of life. Sore muscles from hard work the previous day don’t stop a driver with this attitude. The driver gets up in the morning and gets going. Some days it feels like it just isn’t worth it at all. Traffic, weather, police checkpoints, all contribute to a sense of hopelessness that easily creeps into a driver’s mind. But a driver with a victorious attitude simply moves onward, one step at a time.

One thing I noticed that separated successful drivers from those that were defeated was in the way they would talk. The more a driver seemed to complain about circumstances and events, the more negative and defeated the driver’s life seemed to be. The more positive a driver’s attitude, the more the driver was able to “Get ‘er done,” the more prepared to succeed.

As people who follow Y’shuaJesus, we are in this world, and must face the same opportunities and difficulties as those who choose not to follow Y’shuaJesus. What we see in any circumstance, any event, is like the cliché of looking at a half-full cup of water as either half full or half empty. It’s all in attitude. It’s all in the way we look at things. How will you face your day? Will you see a glass half empty, like it’s nearly empty of water? Will you see it half full, like it’s nearly full? It’s your choice. Chose to live victorious, chose to live intently gazing toward Heaven for the coming of our Lord while always stepping forth, overcoming.

As Paul wrote, “Finally, brothers [and sisters], rejoice. Perfect yourselves; encourage yourselves; mind the same thing; be at peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you.” (2 Corinthians 13:11 MKJV)

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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