“And into whatever city you enter. . .”

“And into whatever city you enter, and they do not receive you, going out into the streets say, ‘Even the dust of your city which clings to us, we wipe off against you. Yet be sure of this, that the kingdom of God has come near you.’ “ (Luke 10:10-11 MKJV)

G-d’s Reporters

We, as followers of MessiahJesus, have a responsibility to assess our present world, reporting what we see, hear, feel, as we move through it. We do this reporting in our prayer, in our time with our Lord.

In this particular scripture passage, the disciples are sent out to the villages as laborers in G-d’s harvest. If they are received, they are to heal the sick and say, “The kingdom of G-d has come near you!” But if they are not received, they are to leave, wiping off the clinging dust as they depart and “The kingdom of G-d has come near you!” becomes writing on their graves.

Why is this so? Are we judges of the people of this world? We are children of G-d, citizens of His kingdom. We are like advance scouts, probing territory that one day will be G-d’s kingdom. We are reporters. We are not the warriors who wage relentless battles against the people of this world. We do rage in the Name of Messiah against the powers in dark places, but not against the people of this world. We do mark the people who respond to us, as a gardener who tends his field would mark the plants that require additional care so that they might produce their fruit. Perhaps we won’t return to that plant, but others may follow who will be able to give other nurturing.

This is our gift: that we have been nurtured, and we are able to nurture others. We receive. We give. We are blessed. We bless. And to woe us if we do not receive; woe to those who do not receive us!

Matthew Henry comments:

“Christ’s ministers go into all the world, to say, in Christ’s name, ‘Peace be to you.’ First, we are to propose peace to all, to preach peace by Jesus Christ, to proclaim the gospel of peace, the covenant of peace, peace on earth, and to invite the children of men to come and take the benefit of it. Secondly, we are to pray for peace to all. We must earnestly desire the salvation of the souls of those we preach to, and offer up those desires to God in prayer; and it may be well to let them know that we do thus pray for them, and bless them in the name of the Lord.”

“The general rule which Christ would go by, as to those to whom he sent his ministers: He will reckon himself treated according as they treated his ministers, (Luke 10:16). What is done to the ambassador is done, as it were, to the prince that sends him. [1.] “He that hearest you, and regardeth what you say, heareth me, and herein doeth me honour. But,” [2.] “He that despiseth you doth in effect despise me, and shall be reckoned with as having put an affront upon me; nay, he despiseth him that sent me.” Note, those who contemn the Christian religion do in effect put a slight upon natural religion, which it is perfective of. And they who despise the faithful ministers of Christ, who, though they do not hate and persecute them, yet think meanly of them, look scornfully upon them, and turn their backs upon their ministry, will be reckoned with as despisers of God and Christ.”

Thank You, LORD, for the opportunity to live our lives among Your people, those who know You, and those who do not yet. Thank You for letting us report our findings to You, and to respond to Your Spirit in all that we do and say. Grant us boldness to speak Your Word when You desire, and the wisdom to hold fast our tongue at Your command.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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