Hadassah (continued)

Y’shuaJesus said: “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to G-d the things that are G-d’s.” Matthew 22:21

Y’shuaJesus offers a glimpse into the dilemma I threw out for thought: whether we are bound to follow completely the Apostle’s Paul’s command to obey rulers, as they are appointed by G-d, or follow only G-d, as if no other law existed to us, i.e., we are above the Earthly laws.

Driving yesterday, I thought that IF I were not bound by Earthly laws, but only those who do not know Y’shuaJesus, then I could go as fast as I wanted, not following the posted speed limit. I have yet so see a speed limit in the Bible. But I opted to get a driver’s license, agreed to follow the highway regulations. As such, I am bound to those regulations. Those regulations are not contrary to G-d’s Law, either. This, I believe, is the balance that we must achieve in following the Law of G-d and the law of man. We do not have the right to break a human-enacted law simply because we disagree with it. We also are not bound to follow, in fact are prohibited from following, any law that contradicts G-d’s Law. For as we have seen, through out history men who, once appointed ruler or leader, have abused, disused, rejected, G-d’s Laws.

So, Mordecai’s refusal to pay homage to Haman is obedience to G-d’s Law prohibiting idolatry. And this doesn’t contradict what the Apostle Paul commanded regarding obeying leaders and rulers. At least we must consider that Paul would not contradict G-d’s Law, else he condemn himself when he condemned others bringing false teaching.

Balance. Achieved!

For Mordecai, it was fairly cut and dry. A no brainer, as they say here.

Now how do we respond to this: Many years ago, at a military academy in Wisconsin, a ninth-grade cadet stood at attention, tears running down his cheeks. The counselor before whom he stood wanted an answer for why the cadet would not bow down to the Homecoming Football as it was paraded around the school. The young man told the counselor that it was wrong to bow before anything, for it was idol worship, and against the Law of G-d. The counselor explained that it was just a game, and not real worship. So it’s okay!

If that had been you, how would you have reacted, and acted in the future?

Lord willing, we shall move into connivance next time.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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