Letters to Angels

Section Headings. These tell us the topic of the section. Sections may also have sub-sections with heading of their own. Both types of heading give some detail about the section. Heading can be useful. Headings can be misleading, too. Additionally, they can be distracting.

For instance, in my The Apologetics Study Bible (Holman Christian Standard Bible version (HCSB), the bold, large font, heading to Revelation Chapter Two states: The

Letters to the Seven Churches. Within this section, sub-headings separate the seven letters, e.g., The Letter to Ephesus.

Chapter Two begins:

To the angel of the church in Ephesus write:

Our Lord is telling the author of Revelation, who most believe is the Apostle John, to write some letters.

The Angel gives John the letter for the Church...

I’ve never really thought about it until this reading, but the letters are addressed to the angels of the churches. Is it an important distinction? Maybe not. But if you do a search on the internet regarding the angels of the seven churches, a fair number of people think it is important enough to take sides of the question: To whom is each letter actually written.

There seem to be three camps rallying around three central opinions. First, the letters are to the angels, which are spirit beings assigned to each of the churches. Second, angels means messenger, and pastors hearing from G-d, are these messengers. So the letters are written to the pastors of the churches. Third, the letters are written to the messengers, whether spirit beings or apostles, pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers, but directly apply to the seven churches. Each of these positions is carefully thought out, and documented from Biblical sources.

I sorta had to laugh, really, when one source said that his particular interpretation was the only way to view the matter, and any other view was heresy, and opposition was demonic. Wow! He’s right; everyone else is wrong and going straight to hell. Okaaaaaay! Moving right along here.

Does it make a difference to whom the letters are written? I said maybe. You have to read the seven letters. Each letter could be addressed to me. Six of the seven letter tells me some things I’ve done okay. Two of those letters find no fault at all. Of the five letters that include some good things, also ares some things I’m not doing well in. One letter without any atta-boys attached, tells me I’m in real trouble.

The way I see it is that the letter is written to an angel. That angel passes it on to the leaders within the church, that they may work to bring correction. Ultimately, I am responsible for coming to G-d, through Y’shuaJesus as my savior, mediator, and getting things right.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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