Several days last week I spent on Lake Lanier with my daughter and two of her friends. They tubed, knee boarded, and wake boarded behind our boat. We anchored near a rock to which they swam, climbed, and jumped the fifteen or so feet back into the lake. At night the girls hung out at our house watching movies until the early hours of the morning. My son “chilled” with his friends, though he was invited to go with us to the lake. This week he’ll go on a trip with one of his friends to a mountain cabin in Tennessee. Kids around here are all feeling anxious, wanting to get the most out of the remaining days of summer left to them: school starts next Monday for the two I have at home.

Over the weekend, my wife and I put many hours into the garden, continuing to plant despite the heat. We’ve had some rain here, but continue to irrigate. It’s not only the lack of substantial rains, it’s the dry heat. While damp hot air is uncomfortable, the ground doesn’t dry out like it does with hot and dry days. And then there is the unrelenting sun. While a number of our perennial medicinal plants are “full sun,” in Georgia that means sun from two o’clock until five o’clock; they start to wilt after a few days of constant sun, especially if they are newly planted.

We began a “water garden” that we said we would do in the Fall. Perhaps it will be filled and operating before then. It’s not too big, but should hold about seven thousand gallons of fresh water. Not as good as a deep cistern, but better than what has become an occasional creek behind us, which no longer can be considered a water source. We’ll plant around the edges of the pond, on a shelf about a foot deep. The inner part will me much deeper. My daughter wants to be able to swim in it. I told her if she was willing to dig it deep. She may try digging, but I think Georgia’s red clay will win the battle, and remain at the four foot level that I’ll dig it.

Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

1 Peter 1:13

As summer wanes, we push hard at finishing the things we want to get done, we want to accomplish. The lists my family members each have in our minds are endless. The scripture in First Peter is a reminder that we must also prepare our minds for action and remain with calmness in our spirit, shedding anxiety, worry. We are to fix our hope completely on the grace to be brought us at the revelation of Y’shuaJesus. We must juggle that feeling we just need to accomplish certain things today, to do things now, with the promise of the Lord’s grace. I hope it means that whatever we don’t get done is covered by G-d’s grace, and that He has mercy upon us during the long winter that may come.

I pray we are not so focused on the physical things that we miss the spiritual revelations the Lord offers. Let us abide it the Lord always. Let us rejoice in the Lord always. Amen and Amen.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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