Contemporary Christian Music

Symbol of Christianity, white version.
The Cross of Y’shuaJesus, Lord and Savior.      (Photo: Wikipedia)



While digging rocks out of Georgia red clay to lay a pipe to channel rain water away from a garden area, I listened to some contemporary Christian music playing from my truck. After a while I switched it back to Southern Gospel. Big difference. One thing that is so very apparent to me is that listening to many of the Contemporary Christian songs I might be listening to any rock station, not specifically Christian.


It’s not just the repetitive nature of the song and the bump bump bump electronically repeated beat. It’s the central lack of focus. It’s that there isn’t a focus upon the Lord Y’shuaJesus. In one song, the singer wanted to know how he was seen by some unidentified “you.” It could have been a song about a man wanting to know how a woman thinks of him. It all really started turning my stomach. And I began to wonder if I, in writing, mention the Name of the Lord Y’shuaJesus often enough.


The Name of the Lord is holy. The Name of the LORD is above all names. The LORD is G-d; The LORD is One. To the Jew, rather than mispronounce the Name of the LORD, He is referred to as simply, and reverently, The Name, H’Shem. We who believe Y’shuaJesus is the Messiah, are able to say the our Lord’s Name, and should do so more often.


Praise the Name of the Lord Y’shua! May He bless you today as you reverence His Name.


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