Why do preachers wear all black clothing?

Cropped screenshot of John Wayne and Angie Dic...
John Wayne and Angie Dickinson from the trailer for the film Rio Bravo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a group of men and women that shoot real and replica guns from the late 19th Century. It’s called Cowboy Action Shooting. There are matches at one of the local ranges. The participants must wear replica clothing, to resemble  cowboys, outlaws, lawmen, card sharks, and ladies of the west.

Some years ago I joined one of the associations that promotes this type of shooting, and when asked for a name to be known by at events, like Black Bart, or Trader Joe, I gave Montana Preacher. I did it out of respect for my great-grandfather. He and his wife owned and lived on a ranch in western Montana for a time around the turn of the 19th Century. On my first deer hunt I carried the Winchester he’d had on the ranch. Anyway, I finally got around to thinking about clothing to make my appearance at a Cowboy event at the range, and thought I’d cut the belt loops off of old dress trousers, wear my Ariat Roper boots, and trim the collar on a shirt that looked like it might fit in well. I have a hat and braces (some call them suspenders) that would work nicely, too. I did some research online to see what some western preachers wore. I found there were many circuit preachers that rode from town to town holding church services. The pictures showed them all wearing black, just like so many preachers and all Catholic priests. The problems is that my boots are light brown, the trousers dark brown, and the shirt beige.

So, why do preachers wear all black clothing? When I looked for an answer online, here’s what I found at answer.com:

im not sure, why anyone wears all black!
in the 70’s it was witch covens that wore black
in the 60’s it was beatniks
i heard sinbad (comedian) talk about people who wear black were vampires
i saw a show called “in search of” with leonard nemoy, about those witches and now HE wears all black.
one person told me its about “respect” which is a Sin in the bible.
i think people who wear all black are antichristian and christians wear black to go along with the secret combinations and do not know it is against christ.
others say wearing all black is a form of protection against evil. witch Paglini of the genisarian clans teaches this
ive heard that Judges wear black robes because of the worship of saturnia. even someone said that the earth used to orbit around saturn or jupiter and they could see saturns rings.

my simple opinion is that it is about power and witchcrafts or sorcery. i have never met a person that wears all black and at the same time be a saint or even trying to be a saint. to me they all look like terrorists and anarchists.

Got any ideas?

Have a lovely fall day! Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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