Greeting as Blessing

Waiting to see a doctor about my worsening joint pain, I am thinking about how we greet people, and how we respond to a greeting.

Commonly, I say “Good Morning” to people in the morning. But am I saying “Have a good morning” or is it a statement, It is a good morning.” Likewise, leaving someone’s presence, I say domething like “Have a great day.” That seems clear that it’s a wish, a prayer, even a blessing.

“. . . but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.” 1Peter 3:9

We are called, according to Peter, to bless people. We can say, “Good Morning,” and make it a prayer, a blessing, to the recipient. And if they receive it, they receive the Lord’s Blessing, I think.

Now as to an appropriate response, it seems to me a blessing should be recrived in return. “You have a lovely dat, too,” might be good.

Lord Bless You Today

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