Spring Fever; Daylight Saving Time

Up in one of the northern states (USA), a fellow lamented to a sail boat forum that winter is going to extend straight into summer. Snow is on the way. Again. He’s itching to get his boat off the hard and into the water.

Here, in Georgia, spring tries to settle in. The first few days were extremely cold, even during the daytime. While nights continue being cold, daytime temperatures rise steadily until around six o’clock, when they gradually begin to drop. The sky is clear and the sun shines brightly. The wind comes up in the afternoon. I, too, want want to get on the water, unfurl the sails, and listen to the quiet gurgle of water as the hull pushes it out of the way.

And here I am inside working on small remodel job I should have already finished. So much for good planning.

One thing that really messed with me this year as spring approached is the change from standard time to daylight saving time. I don’t like the change over, and it is worse with the change being several weeks early now. It’s not like we’re really saving any light. I read up on the whole thing as we were doing the change over. It’s really not clear if there is any benefit in it at all. Yet we have pushed it up.

I remember a year, 1974 I think, daylight saving time didn’t get switched back for the winter. I had a Triumph 650 Trials motorcycle with no lights. I rode it along a river bottom for six or so miles to work. For several of the darkest months, I rode in the dark to get to work by eight am.

I hear some folks like it as they can come home from work and still have several hours of light to be outside, to enjoy sports and such. Well, I suppose that doesn’t really help the people living up north with snow still on the ground. And even here, for another month or so it will still get cold in the evening.

Getting cold in the evening is a good thing, too; it helps keep the bug population from exploding. Mosquitoes are the worst. Especially the big ‘uns. Do you know how big they get here in Georgia? Well, there was a warm spring and a real explosion of nasty big mosquitoes. I was out back, two grabbed hold of me and started lifting me off the ground. I distinctly heard one yell to the other, “Hurry, we gotta go before the big ‘uns see us.”

Okay. I’m done ramblin’

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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