Pray for Liberia and all of West Africa

Today the following email arrived from Renewal Ministry Fellowship, having been sent to its prayer line.

From: Pastor Charles S.W Smith ( ) in LIBERIA:

How are you and family, we are still praying … for aid in this Ebola crisis in our nation.

On behave of all affiliates of Liberia and Sierra Leone that is afflicted with the Ebola and Economic crisis. Please pray for our nation the outbreak of the deadly disease Ebola in west Africa. Many people are dying and medical centers are refusing victims of this deadly disease. Our president just declare the closure of all offices both private and government. Investors and foreigners are leaving our nation due to this outbreak.

This has cause breakdown in the economy of our nation, many people are out of food/medical supply and the scarcity of commodities…

Remain blessed
Pastor Charles S.W Smith

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