A Christless Christianity

In his article, Thomas D. Williams writes:

“So much for taking Christ out of Christmas. New efforts propose the more radical agenda of taking him out of Christianity altogether.

“Every year, it seems, an attempt is made, usually around the Christian holidays, to debunk some aspect of Christian belief— usually involving the Virgin birth, or Jesus’ resurrection, or his relationship with women. This year features an effort to depose Jesus as the founder of the Christian church, replacing him with the apostle Paul.

“Millions celebrate the birth of Jesus without realizing that it was the Apostle Paul, not Jesus, who was the founder of Christianity,” writes James D. Tabor in The Daily Beast.

“As innovative as this proposition sounds, it is a reheated version of an old theory that has been exhaustively debated, and basically put to rest among serious scholars of Christianity.”

Well, while Mr. Williams would like to put us at ease when he says that such arguments have been “put to rest among serious scholars of Christianity,” there remains a lot of sheep left to lead astray.

Thinking of deception, not long ago I came across a book that explores the historical evidence that Jesus didn’t even exist. Basically, the author says it was all a great myth to subdue the population of Jerusalem and the occupied Israel and take away the people’s will to revolt against Rome.

It seems to me that this coming year will find us very much in the middle of lots of “proof” against the traditional teachings of the Bible, refuting all that we’ve come to know as Gospel. We must remain ever close to the source of our faith, our Lord Y’shuaJesus.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine . . .

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