Wait. So G-d won’t destroy the United States next year?

GodBlessAmericajpgWhile there continue to be many of our American Churches that display the bold signs requesting that G-d Bless America, there continue to be many who feel G-d has no reason to Bless America, and should, in fact, cause its destruction. These people would say that Christians in America have let the country down. They would say that Christians allowed America’s decline by allowing it to foolishly follow the ways of the world, the entrapment of money, to fall into the pit of immorality. Christians are, some how, responsible for not stopping it. Whatever. . .

So lets do some simple figuring, comparing.

So it was that, when God destroyed the cities of the valley, God remembered Abraham and sent Lot out of the midst of the overthrow when he overthrew the cities in which Lot had lived. Genesis 19:29

G-d didn’t hold Lot responsible for Sodom, the town in which he lived. In fact, had G-d’s ambassadors found only ten righteous then He would have relented in Sodom’s destruction. So let’s look at a formula for determining if there are enough people in a country to prevent G-d from destroying it. Sodom’s population was about 1000 at the time it was destroyed. So G-d’s ambassadors needed to find at least ten righteous out of one thousand. That’s only one person out of one hundred. The United States of America has about 320,000,000 people living within its borders. One out of one hundred means about 3,200,000 righteous people need to be found. How many righteous are there in America? I suppose that depends upon your definition of righteous. Perhaps you don’t want to use the polls that say 80% of Americans are Christian as a valid number, preferring to narrow it down a bit to 25% evangelical. Perhaps we should narrow it down further, just because we all know not all who say they are evangelical are really True Followers. So lets say we consider 5% of Americans actually are followers of Y’shuaJesus, with righteousness imparted to them. That’s the equivalent of G-d’s emissaries to Sodom finding forty righteous with in the town.

So perhaps America doesn’t deserve G-d’s Blessing. But G-d isn’t going to destroy it now. If He looks, if He wants to know, He will find at least three million Believers remaining in America. But will G-d protect America from its enemies? G-d is in charge. A country, a person, cannot come against America without G-d allowing it. America has enemies both foreign and domestic. But its enemies will not destroy it. Not this coming year, any way. The ninty-five percent of Americans–yes, a percentage that grows each year–will continue to live worldly lives, even immoral lives. Babies will continue to be murdered before birth. Immorality will continue to be preached by Hollywood through films and television, and in the schools through corrupt curriculum. And the American media will continue its selective reporting, hiding some truth while preaching some deception. And Americans will face danger, even death, at the hands enemies from within the country, and from enemies in other nations. There will continue a racial division that breeds distrust and hatred among Americans, all promoted by some individuals in trusted positions in our own government. Our law enforcement and military personnel will continue to be targets of hatred and violence. A form of lawlessness will continue in America.

PTL4But, do not take it that America is weak. For we are, as we were before World War II, a nation of people who can, and will, protect ourselves and each other. We are a people who, despite appearances to the contrary, come together against common enemies and prevail. Americans are free, therefore we are free to squabble. But the enemies, both within and without, need only take a look at history and beware what lies behind every blade of grass.

As we put in the past one more year, saying good-bye to 2014, let us pray that we who are among the five percent continue to seek the Lord, praying that all would do the same.

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine upon you and yours. . .

Happy New Year!

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