Deflated Balls, other Controversies

Okay. I’m more a cynic than a skeptic. I admit it. Preceding last night’s Super Bowl American Football game, the Media Attention focused on an examination of footballs alleged to be underflated. Is underflated a word? Under-inflated, is that correct? The controversy became heated over alleged improperly inflated balls used in another recent game between the same Super Bowl contestants. It even got the attention of the President of the United States.

What else was going on during this past week? Don’t know. All the news, seemingly all the people, were concerned about air. Air pressure, that is. When this happens, I envision a giant magician waving a scarf with his right hand capturing his audience’s attention. And with his un-noticed left hand? I wonder. A little slight of hand? Distraction.

But then there’s the other way these things often work. Controversy stirs people up, and it sells. It used to sell newspapers; but those are mostly a thing of pre-internet days. In the past, controversy sold books, or so Mark Twain thought. He published “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” in America in 1885 and it immediately became embroiled in controversy, with the Concord Public Library banning the book. When Mr. Twain heard of the book banning, his response was that it will sell 25,000 more books. There you have it. Not only do controversies distract attention from something, but they focus it toward something else.

What’s the point? There isn’t any point. That’s the point. It’s hype. It’s drama. It’s also irrelevant. And it’s okay. . . at least it’s okay if we understand the point.

So we enjoy the Super Bowl game. We enjoy the action. Some of us loved the end of the game with an interception of a pass that could have made the winning touchdown. And after the game, while being interviewed, the player who intercepted that near-winning pass said he was blessed. He was blessed.

In the end let us say of our plays, or lives, that we are blessed, and let our hearts. . .

Be Established with Grace. . . (Hebrews 13:9)

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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