Bobby’s Rant

The_ScreamBobby recently vented his frustration. He said his wife, Donnybrook, “found some of my stashed food stocks. She tossed some into the trash, then put bags of rice and beans in her car trunk, saying she would give it to Salvation Army.” Bobby’s anger, barely contained, was thrust into his stomach. Several antacids later, he still felt the burning in his throat. Bobby is a passive man, and a doormat Christian. I’ve talked about Bobby and his Borderline Personality Disordered (BPD) wife. Bobby takes all Donnybrook dishes out and tries his best to smile, say he’s sorry, and forever and ever respond to all that she says with a polite, albeit meaningless, “Yes, Dear.” Poor Bobby.

Bobby is one of the many “passive men” in America. While the causes differ, Bobby said he “was raised in a home where my father doted upon my mother, yielding to every whim and fancy. All of it translated to me learning to submit totally to women.” Bobby went on to say, “It’s a generational defect: my grandfather did the same thing, and probably his father, too.”

Passive men are the feminized men of a Twenty-First Century American in decline. A report by Steve Connor, of The Independent – UK, speaks to feminization of men as displayed in a reduced sperm count, and he reports on the research into such reduction. Theories abound, of course. One is that males eating ever-increasing amounts of fat are increasing the oestrogens that interfere with male reproductive function. Another theory is that oestrogens are in the water. Connor reports that “environmentalists have suggested that it could be ‘gender-bending’ chemicals – endocrine disrupters – in the environment that are the cause of the gradual feminisation [sic] of men. But despite intense research to find these endocrine disrupters, the precise reasons for the problems have not so far been identified.”

There is some evidence that the feminization of men today is a product of our increasingly liberalized culture. “We could devote an entire book to examples of how our culture is confused (at best) about what a man is and vilifies (at worst) what it does know,” wrote Paul and Sandy Coughlin in their book, Married But Not Engaged.

What has happened over the past fifty years is that American society views women in a much more positive light that ever before, while at the same time denigrating its men. “The root idea: Men are a serious problem that must be fixed, not a gender to be appreciated. Men are not okay as men. Masculinity, in and of itself, is negative,” say the Coughlin’s. One need only turn to Hollywood, to whom the American public honors as a view of what American culture is to be. Where are the programs like Father Knows Best, Leave It To Beaver, Sea Hunt, Maverick, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Dragnet, and a whole bunch of others with strong male leads, respectful characters? In those shows men were, well, men. What do we have for the television line up this year, and for the past several years? We have programs dominated by strong women and sniffling men. Family life, as modeled by Father Knows Best and Leave It To Beaver, has been replaced with Modern Family. GAG! Today, Hollywood shows us that when men try to be men, they are evil and deserving of criminal status. Where are the John Waynes, the Ronald Reagans, the Charles Hestons? Today, mostly, we have whiney men that portray whiny men for which women berate.

Today we have pseudo-men like Bobby who don’t fully appreciate that passivity, total appeasement of women, is sin. Bobby virtually puts his head between his knees and avoids any thought of the conflict that would ensue should he “resist the evil manipulations of a decisive, self-centered, wicked woman,” as he, himself, has described her ways. She is a Twenty-First Century Jezebel! “She condemns any opinions, any actions, that are different than hers. She presents to the world that she is always right,” said Bobby. “She works only with women, has no need for men. A modern Jezebel who need no man.” Except perhaps virtually neutered, emotionally dead, Bobby that serve her every whim and fancy. “When a man does not feel needed, something in him dies. Even an emotionally healthy man turns passive and loses energy,” say the Coughlin’s. Thus, satan wins in the continued seduction and fall of Adam.

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