Been too long. . .

. . . that I’ve made notes on this electronic page. I’ve failed to write, to journal, to set thoughts to electronic paper, let alone real paper. I’ve told myself that it takes so long, that I don’t have time. I’ve told myself I really don’t have anything to write about, or that there’d be anyone that would be interested anyway. As with other times there are no real excuses. Yet, this last month, though I’ve thought so highly of myself that I convinced myself that I’m really doing pretty good, beneath it all, I’ve really felt hammered, like a bent nail stuck in a piece of hard wood that is continually being hit, to be made straight. On the bright side:

. . . we must through much tribulation enter into the Kingdom of G-d.

We are destined to feast with the Lord. We are! Thank you Lord Y’shuaJesus.

I have been going through slides and negatives, scanning them and putting them on a the computer. Here’s one I am particularly fond of. It was taken at a pastoral conference in Lake Hume, Californina, which is up in the Sierra Mountains. I don’t recall the name of the man in the photo, unfortunately.

Tranquil Lake Hume, and a time of contemplation and communion. (c) Wil Robinson, 1987.
Tranquil Lake Hume, and a time of contemplation and communion. (c) Wil Robinson, 1987.

I awoke this morning dreaming of a pastor conducting a wedding. “I now,” he said, “pronounce you. . . er. . .ahhhh. . . married.” My first thought as I rose from my bed was that it wasn’t too terribly long ago that no one would think a thing if a pastor said, “I now pronounce you man and wife!” We’ve learned different ways, now. While it may not have been intended, the old way said a wife is the property of a man. I suppose most men and women wouldn’t think of their husband or wife as real property, yet there a few that do so. I know a person who, ten minutes after being pronounced a man’s wife, found herself in total bondage to crazy person, and suffered thirty years of abuse. And even now, after divorce, church folks give her emotional grief for her “sin” of divorce. It’s not, of course, limited to women being abused. Bobby’s wife may not outwardly display her ownership over her husband, yet she is so self-centered, so narcissistic, that she considers herself the only real person that exists–everyone else is simply an extension of her.

So for the last decade or so, pastors pronounced a newly married couple husband and wife. Works for me. T’s a natural choice of words. But that’s not why the pastor in my dream was having a problem. He was struggling with what are the standard words today, in America. An America that is turned upside down. And America that says marriage is between two people, not between a man and a woman. I could go like this: “I now pronounce you husband and husband.” Or “wife and wife.” Should the pastor completely drop the gender aspects, saying, “I now pronounce you spouses”? Maybe it should be “I now pronounce you married.” Is that general enough? Non-specific enough? Give me a break. I’m too old for this nonsense.

I can hear Jim Morrison (Doors, 1967), singing “This is the End. . . ”

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