U.S. Elections Results may be Dangerous for Christians Worldwide

I read Dr. Dobson’s article on “What’s at stake” [Please read it for yourself.] for the election when it was first published. I took a look at the article again yesterday evening, and it’s as relevant today as it was three months ago. I particularly enjoyed the way Dr. Dobson takes a look at the various turning points throughout America’s history that puts us all in the position of being “ruled” by a handful of . . . men. . . men who I see as liberal/socialist judges that aren’t even elected by the American people. The action the Supreme Court, and many Federal Courts is seriously unConstitutional.

And just as true is Dr. Dobson’s closing remark, “I’ll say it again. We can’t afford a mistake this time around. There is just too much at risk. Our great nation is in serious danger.“ While much can, and most likely will, happen between now and the election, I have grave concerns about any candidate that will be put on the ballet this November. At this time, it appears that Mr. Donald Trump and Madame Hillary Clinton will be the prime contenders. I suppose a vote for Mr. Trump could be considered a vote against Ms. Clinton. But will Mr. Trump act, even unknowingly, in G-d’s interest as did non-Jewish kings whose actions are recorded in the Bible? Will Mr. Trump actually be able thwart America’s slide toward oblivion? I am not hopeful. Has a modern Abraham cried out to G-d to search for enough True Christians to prevent destruction? Will G-d, not finding the required number of True and Genuine Believers, allow the Islamic State to further its invasion, intensify its destruction? Even now, borders are constantly being crossed, countries invaded, by those who would contribute to a slaughter of Christians given the opportunity.

Some time ago I shared The Rev. David Wilkerson’s warning to America. In his conclusion, he suggested preparing a food supply for the times of disaster he believed will come to America. It can’t hurt have a well-stocked pantry for the use of our family and to help other Genuine Christians in the Church.

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