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It wasn’t until the first part of the 1980s that I began to consider the environment. My first experience to ecological damage was through the book, “Silent Springs,” written by a doctor in Oregon, Rachel Carson. By that time, her work was already twenty years old, and I know had no impact on Forest Service personnel in the area. I was living just below the Oregon boarder at the time, and had seen first hand the way forests were clearcut and covered with herbicides, then replanted. The growth afterward never looked the same.

goodbyeworld13-9I think we believed it was “Goodby World” if something wasn’t done soon. It seemed strange, too, that what was considered a radical environmental group, Sierra Club, existed for nearly120 years had accomplished very little, either. I thought of Teddy Roosevelt as the founder of environmentalism, when he established the National Park System and the National Park Service to support the parks.

It wasn’t until I moved to California’s northeast, where the redwoods meet the ocean, where there is a plaque that says of red wood trees, “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” —President Ronald Reagan. And if I thought Sierra Club might be making headway convincing hikers to pack out the trash they packed in, I was amazed at what Earth First! was doing. Talk about radical. Members shut down entire logging operations by chaining themselves to trees. Then they became ecoterrorist by spiking tress making cutting them extremely hazardous. And Earth First! spoke of even more radical approaches.

All these years later, companies, corporations, are talking “Green” this and “Green” that, all while they continue business as usual. Sure some of the smog that burns the eyes is gone from the worst polluting cities of the 1960s. Some streams are better off. But more can be done. Monsanto is still selling Roundup like hot cakes on sale. It’s just another updated version of that very safe Agent Orange we killed off how much forest, how many people, in Viet Nam? The Green movement isn’t for greening, unless you consider getting greenbacks for talking a good talk. And how totally absurd is GMO? Seriously. No, nothing real has been done, only superficial, cosmetic changes.

If you look in my eyes, closely, don’t have any illusions you’ll find any liberal specks at all. What you’ll see rather is a love for the creation G-d has made for us, and sorrow at its destruction. While I don’t often agree with the Roman Catholic Pope, in this one he got it right. We need to repent, which means to turn from our actions concerning the environment. FWIW: No, I do not believe in Global Warming or its new monicker Climate Change. Here’s what our Creator said about ecology: (Genesis 2:15)

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

Timeline of US environmental history[edit]

  • 1832- Hot Springs Reservation
  • 1864- Yosemite Valley
  • 1872- Yellowstone National Park
  • 1892- Sierra Club
  • 1916- National Park Service Organic Act
  • 1916- National Audubon Society [22]
  • 1949- UN Scientific Conference on the Conservation and Utilization of Resources
  • 1961- World Wildlife Foundation [30]
  • 1964- Land and Water Conservation Act
  • 1964- National Wilderness Preservation System
  • 1968- National Trails System Act
  • 1968- National Wild and Scenic Rivers System/Wild and Scenic Rivers Act[22]
  • 1969- National Environmental Policy Act
  • 1970- First Earth Day- 22 April
  • 1970- Clean Air Act
  • 1970- Environmental Protection Agency [30]
  • 1971- Greenpeace
  • 1972- Clean Water Act
  • 1973- Endangered Species Act
  • 1980- Earth First![22]
  • 1992- UN Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro [30]

See Wikipedia

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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