The Daily Post Prompt: Careful

10ace35It seems like most members of the WordPress Community are careful in their comments on other members’ posts, intending them to be complimentary. Most comments offer encouragement and are uplifting. While I haven’t seen comments that disagree with a member’s post, I’m pretty sure most of those who comment are careful to be constructive, and civil. Checking email today, I found two uncomplimentary . . .. . .comments about my recent post Argument. One was a comment and the other a pingback. I approved both. You can check out their sites here:


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not going whine and run to find some illusive ‘safe space’ where I can hide from the reality of a world fallen from the perfection of G-d’s Kingdom. In fact, I thank G-d that He considered me worthy of being heckled. I’m usually too careful, not wanting to draw offense by my words. Additionally, I have an opportunity to offer prayer for those two individuals. They will either accept Y’shuaJesus as Lord of their lives, and live, or they won’t and they will find G-d’s wrath coming upon them and eventually they will die. Sorry. I was a rescuer, once, and a collector of broken people. But the times they are a changin’ (I can hear the song in my head.) and I am too old to beat around the bush.

One of the many things my mother said was: “Chickens come home to roost.” I’d like to put it this way, “Don’t mess with G-d’s people, for when you throw stones, you forget the you, too, live your lives in glass houses and a lot of folks have stones of their own.” Not that I’d want those folks hurt. I seriously want them healed, for their hearts must be very broken.

Apostle Paul, under the guidance of the Spirit of G-d, put it this way:

Why do you criticize and pass judgment on your brother? Or you, why do you look down upon or despise your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of God. And so each of us shall give an account of himself – give an answer in reference to judgment – to God. Then let us no more criticize and blame and pass judgment on one another, but rather decide and endeavor never to put a stumbling block or an obstacle or a hindrance in the way of a brother.” (Romans 14:10-14 The Amplified Bible)

Additionally, there seems to be a correlation between fault-finding leading to nervous tension (see quoted text below) that leads to mental illness. I’m sure it’s a long process. And I’m sure it can be thwarted with help. I’m sure there are many deep-seated wounds that people have who act in judgmental ways. On the other hand, many of us share some form of childhood hurt or another and not all of us feel the need to tell another person off in public.

“A number of years ago, Dr. David H. Fink, a psychiatrist for the veterans administration, wrote an article for Coronet Magazine, entitled, “Release from Nervous Tension.” In his article (republished in 2010 as a book by the same title, available on Amazon), he outlined his research into the causes of mental and emotional disturbances.

“From over 10,000 case studies, he discovered that there was a common trait with all his patients who suffered from severe tension. They were habitual fault-finders, constant critics of people and things around them. Those who were free from tension, were the least critical. His conclusions were that the habit of fault-finding is a prelude or mark of the nervous, or the mentally unbalanced. Those who wish to retain good emotional and mental health, should learn to free themselves from a negative and critical attitude.

“Remember this, the Bible doesn’t promise peace to those who dwell on the faults of others! It says that the Lord will keep them in perfect peace, whose minds are stayed on Him! (Isaiah 26:3).” From an article at

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