Notes from Garden Times

Coffee in a Cup of Strength

It is the world in which we live that slowly dies. We live and we live on beyond all we now see, as beautiful or corrupt as it may be. And yet there are these things I hold dear. Things like mugs and items procured for their looks or comfort or utility, that I don’t want to part with as the world dies. These I hold as if holding on I may prevent the death of the known as I move toward an unknown no matter how wonderful and beautiful it may be beyond this day.

Destroyed section of Jerusalem's Old City (c) Wil Robinson 1986
Destroyed section of Jerusalem’s Old City
(c) Wil Robinson 1986

Relics of a world that is for me passing away. For I am just passing through on my way to another world another place beyond time and space. Yet here I am wandering as a stranger in this world, in this time, in this piece of space. I wait.

While this is not my home, as Apostle Paul said, I am content in all situations as I await my destiny, my life in another Home, which is a Heavenly Home with Messiah YeshuaJesus.  I wait for You, L-RD.
In the Garden, it is like Ham Radio and not always talking but listening, and listening carefully. Listening with openness and intent to the Words Spirit speaks to my heart.
O how I love Thee, L-RD!
Avinu Malkeinu
Our Father; Our King!

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