Cleared Of Blasphemy; Mobs Demand Death

Asa Bibi, Prisoner in PakistanLast week, Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi Pakistani was cleared of blasphemy charges. JonahzSong has previously carried posts about her imprisonment. Ms. Bibi spent over eight years on death row for alleged crimes against Islam’s Prophet.

Today, at Paul Thinking Out Loud  there is a link to an article at Religious News Service that reports “Yes TV, Canada’s largest multifaith broadcaster, has sent a letter to the Canadian government offering to sponsor and settle Asia Bibi.”

The article goes on to state that despite Ms. Bibi’s release, she is staying in a converted prison cell fearing for her life. Those who wanted her murdered by the State, now want to murder her themselves. Even her lawyer and his family have fled Pakistan.

Pakistanis Demand Death

Even the New York Times has posted an Op-Ed piece on Pakistan’s New Religion of Blasphemy citing Islamic Conservative that want Ms. Bibi murdered (hanged for blasphemy).

It hasn’t stopped their either, for “Posters were put up with fatwas against the judges who had issued the Bibi decision. The judges’ guards and cooks were urged to kill them before evening; anyone who did would earn great rewards in the afterlife,” wrote Mohammed Hanif.

True to the slogan, “It didn’t end with the coliseums; Christians are still Persecuted.”

Mobs of Pakistanis Demand Public Hanging or Will Shut Down Pakistan

What can be done?

Pray for Ms. Asia Bibi.

Pray for Pakistan.

Pray for your own country.

Priestly Blessing
Priestly Blessing

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