Where is Asia Bibi?

Somewhere. Hopefully in Canada. Several reports have been made of her exodus from Pakistan, her reuniting with her children, her safety in Canada, albeit hidden away. But those reports aren’t conclusive, and may only be wishful thinking.

In the meantime, the incredible case of Ms. Bibi has, according to Mohammad Zaheer of the Independent, has changed the way Pakistan approaches extremism. The following is the concluding part of his article:

“In Pakistan, however, just the fact that she was released is seen as a silver lining. Forget rightful compensation, not succumbing to extremist pressure and merely letting her leave the country would be considered quite the feat.

“My heart prays that the reports of her safely reuniting with her family in Canada are true. She deserves nothing less than a happy ending.

“In compelling the state to re-evaluate its long-held toxic policy of appeasement of religious extremists, she leaves behind a nation that might not be appreciative today, but owes her a significant debt of gratitude nonetheless.”

L-RD grant Ms. Bibi safe passage to her children, hide her beneath Your Wings, continue Your care for her and her family, and those who offered her help. Forgive the rest of us for turing away in her time of need. AMEIN.

L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .


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