Origin of Life

As I pulled out of the driveway this morning, I noticed a caterpillar climbing the post that holds the basketball hoop. It’s early Spring here in Georgia, and there are caterpillars. A few weeks ago there were tadpoles in the pond. Both butterflies and frogs do this metamorphosis thing. Caterpillars become butterflies; tadpoles become frogs. But I’ve always wondered about which stayed throughout the winter. Do caterpillars hang out somewhere, ready to climb up the pole to get on the tree to attach to a leave to eat and turn into butterflies? Do tadpoles hang out at the bottom o the pond, not becoming frogs, staying over the winter, to finish their change in the Spring so I can have lots of frogs to sound off during the evening hours? Or is it that a butterfly hits somewhere, ready to lay a caterpillar in the Spring? Perhaps a frog hid over the Winter beneath the rocks that surround the pond, emerging to lay eggs even as Winter is hardly over?

There are important questions. I think about things like this all the time.

I suppose I could try looking up an answer. I could Google it. I’d get a lot of opinions, I’m sure. After looking at replies to questions about products on Amazon, I really don’t thing the internet is to be trusted. I mean, someone asked a question about the dimensions of a particular filter, and several replies read like this: “I’ve never used this filter, but my filter is. . .” Really!

Anyway. Origin of Life. Yup. I’m told it is very controversial. I’m told that schools teach all sorts of theories about it. Unlike caterpillars and butterflies, unlike my questions about tadpoles and frogs, there’s a simple answer. Let me share it with you.


“In the beginning

Elohim created

the heavens

and the earth. ”

Genesis 1:1


Simple, isn’t it. Not like tadpoles and frogs. Not like why my Mom said I was made from puppy dog tails, and big, fat snails.

L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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