Infinity and Beyond

There’s a lot of fear in the news these past few weeks. There’s a sense of panic, too. We fear tomorrow; we fear the unknown. Certainly the world we’ve known seems to have ended.

It makes me think about infinity. It makes me think about eternity.

It must have been in third grade, after a discussion on the universe and the idea of infinity, that I lay on the grass looking up at the sky. There is no end to the universe, I thought, but couldn’t grasp it. I envisioned a cement wall at the end of the universe. I couldn’t go beyond that, however; I couldn’t grasp it all.

Eternity is like that, I think. Living in time and space I can grasp. I can get a handle on my past years. And today is the here that is associated with moment and the place in which I am. I get that. I can grasp a past that isn’t particularly mine, but something I have read about or been told about. I can relate to my own family history, the history of those I read about in books, the people in the Bible. But I can’t really grasp what eternity is like. Not really.

And yet we believe that, beyond this time and this place we call our world, there is Heaven that continues beyond time, beyond space.

As Children of G-D, our lives go on forever.

Fear of what I can’t grasp, of what I can’t control can drive me and my thoughts and my fears. This is the case if, and only if, I remainwith my eyes closed to our Heavenly Father. If I open my eyes to L-RD, if I set aside natural thinking, the things of this world grow dim and fear subsides. Apostle Paul says: “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Phil 1:21

Though I can’t fully grasp infinity, eternity, I need have no fear of what may come.

L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine . . .


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