How S. Korea slowed virus spread

An article on South Korea’s approach to slowing the virus appeared in the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning. It is written by BY JOSÉ CARLOS CORDERO COTE, who writes for LA NOTICIA. I hope you will be able to view it here: How South Korea Slowed Virus Spread

In a nutshell, South Korea dealt with MERS and learned a few lessons from it. South Korea was able to get into full production of tests, set up free testing locations early on, and information was readily available to the public from the beginning. As individuals were identified as having COVID-19, they were tracked and that, too, was available to the public. (Yes, we’d freak out if that happened here.) South Koreans adapted well, not only to being tracked, but to both social distancing and wearing masks. Apparently masks were either onhand or available, and prices were controlled.

The measures slowed the spread of the virus and reduced the mortality rate to 0.99% (China’s mortality rate is above 4%.

The L-RD bless you and protect you!
The L-RD deal kindly and graciously with you!
The L-RD bestow His favor upon you and grant you peace!
(Numbers 6:24-26)

2 thoughts on “How S. Korea slowed virus spread

    1. Yes, indeed it does. Only time will tell what influence South Korea’s implementation of its “lessons learned” will have upon America’s policies, or the policies of other countries, and how invasive those policies become on liberties,

      L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine upon you and yours, and may G-D grant you all His peace.

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