Between the Seasons

My wife, a northerner originally and unaccustomed to the South, often complained that Georgia doesn’t have the four seasons she likes. We do have four seasons; they are just not well defined. Some years if you blinked you’d miss the transition between Winter and Summer, and between Summer and Winter, for instance. This year its one of those between-the-season times that’s lingered a bit. So it’s warmish days and cool nights.

In the morning we can work in the yard without being either too hot or too cold. Just Right! Like Goldie Locks. In the afternoon we can sit on the deck, in full sun, and feel comfortable, wearing light shirts. We can roll up our sleeves and generate a bit of vitamin “D.” Between the seasons is great, here in Georgia.

However, this morning I awoke and the house wasn’t warm enough to heat, but still a bit chilly.

“Oh, I really hate to admit it. I’m very bothered that I think this way.

“I think—gasp!—I’d actually enjoy a nice warm robe,” I said. “Arg!”

I thought about it for a moment.

“And maybe in the evening I’d wear a cardigan.”

Perhaps it’s my old age suddenly swooping down upon me. Perhaps it’s simply because CostCo allowed me into the store during its senior-only hours. I wasn’t asked for an ID, either. Ok, despite my declaration that my hair remains its golden blonde, I suppose it’s grey (buy only greyish).

Often my dad had worn a cardigan in the evening and early in the morning. I just never thought of myself as a cardigan person.

I guess as old age approaches, one begins to feel the chill. The Bible says so for at least one person.

“Now King David was old and advanced in years. And although they covered him with clothes, he could not get warm.” (1 Kings 1:1)

Have a Great Weekend! Let us together rejoice in the L-RD; Let us together praise His Holy Name!

Priestly Blessing
Priestly Blessing

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