Everything Will Be Okay

EveryThingWillBeOkay-SignApparently it began in Georgia. Signs placed on lawns and in windows declaring that “Everything Will Be Okay.” And apparently the original “artist” that designed a sign has argued with an arts group that is selling signs. Someone wants credit for spreading hope, perhaps.

In such times as these, we do need hope.

The Atlanta newspaper has lots of articles on nice things that people are doing. “More Stories of Hope,” they declare.

Some singers get together and sing songs about hope, and this gives us hope, I guess.

Can’t you hear the refrain, “All we need is love, sweet love. . .”

And when the peril seems under control? When things start to get better?

“Our behavior has stopped the spread of the virus,” he said. ”God did not stop the spread of the virus. And what we do, how we act, will dictate how that virus spreads.” He being Governor Cuomo of New York, according to the Christian Post article “NY Gov. Cuomo on plateauing of COVID-19 cases: ‘God did not do that’

Who are we that we are responsible for overcoming this current plague all by ourselves? Once upon a time America was one nation under God? As American’s we at least said “In God We Trust.” Many meant it. There is a remnant of American’s that still do. As a whole, however, America doesn’t need God anymore, it seems.

President Obama summed it up when he announced that we are no longer only a Christian nation. We are a mixed up nation that follows no one god. We are a nation that doesn’t follow G-D, the Creator, the Father of our L-RD Yeshua Jesus. Not nationally, anyway. Not as a people.

What happens to a nation that turns its back upon its God?

Abraham implored G-D to relent from destroying a city if 10 righteous could be found. If a search is conducted in America today, will a sufficient number of righteous in Messiah be found to thwart the nations destruction?

What do you think?

1I lift up my eyes to the hills.
From where does my help come?
2My help comes from the L-RD,
who made heaven and earth. [Psalm 121]

As we move on with this SARS-CoV virus, this “corona virus” that causes the COVID-19 disease, will we look to the medical sciences for help and protection? Perhaps our political leadership will be our help, print more money to pass around? How about looking to the World Health Organiztion (WHO)? Will a strong global leader come out of the shadows, the darkness, to offer us more than help with the plague, but world peace, too? Will voices of men be heard, to whom we should run? Will we give our admiration, our acclaim, to humankind?

Time will tell.

May our L-RD enable us to stand, and to stand firm in the days to come.

Priestly Blessing
Priestly Blessing

2 thoughts on “Everything Will Be Okay

  1. “Everything will be okay” is a translation of the Italian “Andra tutto bene” which was doing the rounds in Italy when America was only beginning to wake up to the dangers of coronavirus…

    Thanks for the post. Thankfully, because of Jesus, indeed everything will be okay for His people 🙂

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