Crisis Today; Crisis in the First Century

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It doesn’t look good for the people of Earth these days. While we’ve weathered many storms, it seems we are in the midst of the Perfect Storm. Are we facing a second wave of of Corona Virus? Many countries are failing economically. Some are saying America is facing a another civil war, or at least a Constitutional Crisis.

How do we prepare?

Chip Ingram, in his Coffee Break series, compares these tribulations to those of the First Century. His short teaching is here: In Crisis and Uncertainty.

In other relevant “old news,” take a quick tour through Haggai, Ezra, Nehemiah. A remnant of Israelis returned to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon. Despite full support from Babylonian kings, they experienced opposition, to put it mildly, to their presence.

After many starts and stops, they rebuilt their homes, The Temple, and the walls around Jerusalem. Yet opposition continued. The gates to Jerusalem were destroyed. The people gave up hope.

When Nehemiah, still in Babylon as a wine steward to the king, heard, he sought permission to go to his people.

Nehemiah, accompanied by others, returned to embolden the other returned Israelis to rebuild the gates despite threats of war. When they had done so, they looked into the Law and discovered the command to celebrate The Feast of Succoth, (Nehemiah 8:13) which is also know as The Feast of Tabernacles, or The Feast.

Tonight begins The Feast. Yeshua celebrated The Feast, too, (John 7 through 9). Here’s an article by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem:

When Jesus Attended The Feast of Tabernacles.

L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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