As Daniel Prayed

Daniel 9 4-19

This morning I felt a sorrow for our national rebellion. It stems from hearing a portion of a speech by President Reagan in which he quoted a visitor to the United States. This man had written about the greatness of America he saw through his visit to a church. The faith of Americans.

We have, as a nation, failed. Now we are in disastrous times. We will all suffer the consequences of our rebellion. Responsibility lies not the political left, and not in the political right. Responsibility lies with all.

Sitting on the upper deck, praying as Daniel prayed, I see the victory at hand, though this nation and all its wicked perish, those who will call upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved. And our LORD shall come to rule upon His Holy Hill. With a rod He will rule. And we, His People, shall be with Him, be like Him. Hallelujah!

As Luke quoted Jesus (Mark 13): Watch. Keep awake. The LORD comes.


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