Last night I went to see my daughter’s basketball team play. I didn’t leave early enough, catching the “rush hour” traffic jam, and arrived at half time, I missed seeing her play; she’d played the first two quarters. The game was 33.5 miles from my home. It took one-and-one-half hours to get there. We left … More Retreating

Holiday After Shock

Holiday time is a busy time. Around here, its constantly on the go. It’s a time, in my household at least, in which we work hard preparing for the holiday, barely enjoy it, then abruptly disassemble and rearrange the home to get back to normal. It’s exhausting–for me, anyway. This holiday was special, though. One … More Holiday After Shock


We make things complicated some times. Perhaps we’re too learned, to knowledgeable. Perhaps we analyze too much. Or maybe we just think too much. Take the Book of Revelation, for example. It’s a Divinely inspired look at. . . What, exactly? I’ve been rereading the Book of Revelation. In the first chapters of the Book, … More KISS