Interesting Question. . .

This was the lead in to an article posted to the University of Idaho website by an unnamed, and I’m assuming by the way he wrote (overlooking grammatical errors), professor or lecturer. (Click Title to See Complete Post) Interesting, isn’t it? Think about it. L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

Preaching and . . .

. . . keeping it simple is like writing a well-crafted letter—it takes time. It takes time to say things clearly, concisely, cutting to the very core of the lesson. It takes research. Above all it takes prayer. On the other hand, there is Alan Redpath. During a lecture to students at a seminary, Pastor … More Preaching and . . .


Comedian Jack Benny once told a story about how the small town of Cucamonga got its name. He said that there was once a wagon train traveling what is now Route 66 through southern California that was in need of a cook. The wagon master called to settlers in the area where the town now … More Cucamonga