Ethiopian Proselyte

Mostly this story of Philip instructing an Ethiopian is titled “The Ethiopian Eunuch.” It’s clear, as Pastor Lloyd-Jones explains, that this man has just come from pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and is a Jewish Proselyte. On his way home, this man comes to terms with the next step in his conversion from paganism; salvation in Messiah … More Ethiopian Proselyte

Openers. . .

Battles have opening shots, as do politicians, directed against enemies perceived and real. Comedians have opening lines, while the Olympics have opening ceremonies. Dr. Waldrop said on a table in a lecture hall waiting for the first class of the semester to settle in. “Good morning,” he said casually. A few murmurs were heard and a few … More Openers. . .


This morning I received an email from Witness Well. It’s a five-part series discussing the idea of churches canvassing. It’s a good article, and I recommend reading it. According to the author there is a benefit to not just those contacted, but to those that make the contact. “One of the greatest benefits a congregation … More Evangelism

Responding the Gospel

Beginning with a discussion of what many see as dangerous times ahead for Christians after the U. S. Presidential Elections this fall, I talked about the Festival in celebration of the giving of the Ten Commandments, took a look at the Salvation of Y’shuaJesus and Street Evangelism and receiving Messiah. It seemed a bit disjointed, … More Responding the Gospel

Receiving the Messiah

Yesterday I waded through lists Street Preaching videos uploaded to YouTube. Among them were videos by people who scolded or harassed Street Preachers, videos of Street Preachers being attacked, videos of Street Preachers being arrested, and quite a few by Street Preachers doing their thing. I even watched a few minutes of about twenty videos. … More Receiving the Messiah

Preaching and . . .

. . . keeping it simple is like writing a well-crafted letter—it takes time. It takes time to say things clearly, concisely, cutting to the very core of the lesson. It takes research. Above all it takes prayer. On the other hand, there is Alan Redpath. During a lecture to students at a seminary, Pastor … More Preaching and . . .