This morning I received an email from Witness Well. It’s a five-part series discussing the idea of churches canvassing. It’s a good article, and I recommend reading it.

According to the author there is a benefit to not just those contacted, but to those that make the contact.

“One of the greatest benefits a congregation will receive is when members are trained on how to proclaim the gospel when they go door-to-door.” The activity becomes more than passing out invitations to the church or a church activity, but an opportunity to share the Gospel of our Lord.

There is also great benefit to the entire congregation.

“The greatest benefit a congregation receives from members who have received a meaningful experience in proclaiming the gospel is a core group of Christians who have a zeal for reaching the lost – and are willing and able to do it.”

There are going to be difficulties in door-to-door interaction with non-Believers. It can’t be helped. In the area in which I currently reside, there are few church members that come around. Usually it’s members of a church that isn’t a ‘real’ church, i.e., won’t pass the Apostles’ test for a Believer. So when someone comes around from a Bible-believing Church, they are received as if they, too, are from a false church.

It also occurs to me that when someone hears to Gospel message presented clearly, truthfully, and in a loving, considerate manner, AND DOESN’T RESPOND, it could be a seed planted or a watering of another’s seed planted. And if never the hearer responds, at least they’ve heard the Gospel message. They can in no way ever say, “I didn’t know!”

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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