CONNECTION A WordPress Discovery Challenge Some years ago, my aunt got into using FaceBook to keep up with friends and her daughters. She tried to get her husband involved. “I really don’t need to know,” he said, “every time someone goes to the bathroom.” The other day, on one of my rare excursions on FaceBook, … More Connection


The Daily Post: Apology “Sometimes sorry isn’t enough.” Having grown up in the sixties, when love was free and meant never saying your sorry, I thought she was speaking another language. She wasn’t. She meant it.


WordPress Photo Challenge “Narrow“                                 Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. Luke 13:24

Right Conduct

Not really much on confronting people, I often used to simply talk about them behind their backs. That’s not a great thing to do, and isn’t it gossip? Is gossip right conduct? No. But what’s there to do if I’m offended by someone’s actions? I’m still not much on confrontation. Lot of questions.


“Hang in there!” isn’t something one wants to hear after sharing a particularly severe trial or painful ordeal. It’s usually said as the person walks away, perhaps as an afterthought. Clearly the person doesn’t relate, doesn’t understand the pain, or can’t deal with it. And then there’s the time someone gets all scripture-quoting with advice, … More Unbound!

Staying Grounded in a Chaotic World

Recent world events have people fearful. Mr. Donald Trump made much of the reality of a dark world during his acceptance speech for the Republican Party’s nomination as the American Presidential Candidate. Even Christians are concerned. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association posted the following: Staying Grounded in Christ When the World Seems Out of Control … More Staying Grounded in a Chaotic World

Left Behind

The Things We Leave Behind The Daily Post at WordPress. It hadn’t occurred to me where I might be going, I just knew I was to leave Jerusalem very soon. I also knew it would be a long time before I’d return. I sorted out some things to give away, and other stuff not worth keeping … More Left Behind