“Hang in there!” isn’t something one wants to hear after sharing a particularly severe trial or painful ordeal. It’s usually said as the person walks away, perhaps as an afterthought. Clearly the person doesn’t relate, doesn’t understand the pain, or can’t deal with it. And then there’s the time someone gets all scripture-quoting with advice, … More Unbound!

Faith and Works

The Apostle James wrote (James 2:14): What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can his faith save him? This statement has been a subject of controversy. For Martin Luther, it isn’t just the idea of faith and works that is rejected,  “Luther made an attempt to … More Faith and Works


This morning I read Psalm 57. The introductory verse reads: For the Chief Musician; Al- tashheth. [A Psalm] of David; Michtam; when he fled from Saul, in the cave. The word Michtam immediately grabbed me. Michtam is first used in Psalm 16, then again in Psalms 57-60. A common definition for the word Michtam is … More Michtam