Are Pets Thankful

Occasionally, looking into the eyes of my daughter’s dog, I will joke with my daughter about what that dog is thinking. Do animals think? I’ve heard that thinking is what differentiates animals from humans. At one time didn’t people think it was communication—talking—that separated us from animals? Huh. My daughter’s cat talks. Well, okay, not … More Are Pets Thankful

Blue Moon

No. Not the beer It was a real blue moon—the second full moon of July. In the early evening I went out to the lake for a sail on Cassandra, a 25 foot Cape Dory sailboat. The dusk is long, bright, this time of year. And the moon, though not huge like a harvest moon, greeted … More Blue Moon

Ebola Update

The following is an update on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Anita Femiano, from Renewal Ministries Fellowship, is in regular contact with pastors throughout Africa and Asia who have provided a wealth of information. “When we unite together in prayer even the worst, most terrible situations can be transformed into testimonies of praise. We … More Ebola Update

Last Night. . .

. . . the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey sat already sliced along side cranberry sauce and stuffing, ready for sandwiches if we ever get hungry again. Earlier we’d shared a quiet meal, just immediate family, as extended family live far away. I drove my son to a friends home, where he’d been invited to … More Last Night. . .

Finally. . .

. . . a song came on XMRadio’s The Message that used the Lord’s Name, Jesus. Jesus, Your Presence is Heaven to Me, by Israel & New Breed surprised me with it’s frequent use of the Name of Jesus. Check it out here. Here’s a link to some other of Israel & New Breed videos on … More Finally. . .