Blue Moon

No. Not the beer It was a real blue moon—the second full moon of July.

BlueMoonSail - 1
taken with my phone.
The white line across the photo is the boat’s lifeline. In the distance is a small island.

In the early evening I went out to the lake for a sail on Cassandra, a 25 foot Cape Dory sailboat. The dusk is long, bright, this time of year. And the moon, though not huge like a harvest moon, greeted me warmly.

Ashore the temperatures weren’t even dropping from their highs in the 90s. But on the lake with the wind out of the northwest around 5-8 mph, it was pleasent; and it was just enough to fill the sails. I glided easily up the lake. The water gurgled gently as the bow of the boat parted it.

It felt peaceful. I felt peaceful. I felt at peace.

Later, when twilight fled, the moon could only slightly brightened things up. What few boats on the water turned on their lights. The wind picked up a bit as I headed back to the cove in which I keep Cassandra. Just a few hours on the water. A very nice few hours.

I thank G-d for those few hours with Him on the lake. He restores my soul.

He leads me beside quiet waters.
He renews my life. . .

Psalm 23:2-3

Numbers-6-24-26 - 1


One thought on “Blue Moon

  1. God is awesome and near to those who diligently seek His face. Hallelujah!! I was so overwhelmed the way how I experienced His presence and power during my 40 days of fasting. I over enjoyed encountering with God in tangible way than ever before in my life. I managed to spend a lot of time praying, reading the bible, Christian novels, i.e. The purpose driven life by Rick Warren, How to defeat demons, The shepherd staff etc…. that period of having close moments with God surely has made a great revival both in my personal life and in the church am pasturing at large. God taught me certain things which I should do. 1. Extending forgiveness and seeking forgiveness to every person offended me and to everyone I offended (which I did so) Mathew 5:23 and Genesis chapters 32 and 33 2. God told me to concentrate on building His people, that God will build the church. 3. God spoke to me saying that as I have repented and turned to Him, that I strengthen my brothers (Luke 22:31-32) 4. More so He reminded me an assignment which he had given me some time back of teaching and training church leaders and ministers in the body of Christ. He even gave me some topics which I will be teaching. (a) The power of communication (b) Servant hood (c) Counseling (d) The leaders/Ministers family (e) How to conduct meetings (f) Victorious Christian Living (g) What brings quantitative growth and qualitative growth in the church? And other topics. He told me that I should work upon handouts within this month of August 2015. On 21st July 2015 at around 9:00pm God spoke to me when I was in a church, I was about to start praying as usual, I had a voice speaking to my ears, saying that Peter you have been talking to me through prayers and intercession since you started fasting on 22nd June 2015 now I want to talk to you, I opened my eyes and looked around where I was and was nobody to be seen, that same voice spoke to me a gain saying I am your God I want to talk to you, get a pen and a paper and write whatever I say unto you. Then I got a pen and a paper and He started talking to me as follows.

    1. He said that He loves me. 2. He said that He has answered all my prayers 3. He said that He will increase the members in the church am leading and commanded me that I should handle them with care. 4. He said that He has clothed me with His power to serve Him and deliver nations. Even before hearing this voice I had already got a dream, in that dream I saw white clouds were falling upon me and I heard a voice saying I have empowered you, then in that same dream I saw also something which looked to be the powers of darkness, then I started saying fire, fire…. When I kept on confessing the same all the dark clouds disappeared totally. 5. He saw me an open door of breakthrough for the church in a vision. 6. He commanded us (church members) to start witnessing and evangelizing in August 2015 for the same He spoke to me and also gave a dream to one of the church members, she saw in a dream when we were harvesting maize in samba.

    During that period of fasting I was invited to preach in different churches, really I saw the power of God at hand Hallelujah!! Praise God for His love, faithfulness, kindness and mercies endures forever. During this period of fasting I realized that am meant to be a full time minister. Starting churches or opening up churches in different places, teaching and training church leaders and ministers. I am called to move in apostolic anointing and a missionary that’s why He said that He has anointed, clothed and empowered me to serve Him and to deliver NATIONS. ‘’ I OFFER MY LIFE AS A LEAVING SACRIFE/OFFERING TO GOD TO BE USED BY HIM HENCEFOTH’’ I am much willing to serve Him than ever before. Please pray for me so that I shall manage to keep on, trusting and obeying His promises as He said unto me and leave a servant hood life henceforth. Also pray for me, for God’s directions to know which nation am I supposed to go to and for His provision and divine wisdom while serving Him. Lastly God is calling His children (us) to pray and intercede for HIS BODY (body of Christ) and to pray and intercede for NATIONS (the world) it’s not a choice but an obligation to every member in the body of Christ. Yours, Pr.Peter Kasibante +256 772 992 673 Uganda


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