A cold wind blew up Main Street as I walked past Lassen High School. The dimly lite street lamps cast shadows that danced in the wind. Susanville’s streets were clear of ice and snow, yet few cars were out; it was after six o’clock and the few stores in the downtown were closed. People say … More Dim

Last Night. . .

. . . the remains of the Thanksgiving turkey sat already sliced along side cranberry sauce and stuffing, ready for sandwiches if we ever get hungry again. Earlier we’d shared a quiet meal, just immediate family, as extended family live far away. I drove my son to a friends home, where he’d been invited to … More Last Night. . .

Human Kindness

This morning I was thinking about kindness. Actually, I was thinking more on the lack of it. It’s not just in other people with whom I come in contact, but it is with me, too. I just don’t feel truly kind anymore, like the irritability I often feel saps it from me. Maybe it’s a … More Human Kindness