Living in peace, uncompromising

Uncompromising seems to have a bad vibe about it these days. It sounds a lot like unwavering. Unwilling to give in. One dictionary defines uncompromising as unwilling to grant concessions or negotiate; inflexible. Another says that uncompromising includes an unwillingness to changes ways or opinions.

So to find a compromise with someone, we need to change? What ever happened to “agree to disagree”? That’s a compromise Continue reading “Living in peace, uncompromising”


“If a fabric is contaminated with mildew. . .”

These days, with the internet and access to it, it doesn’t take a lot of searching to find out how-to guidance. I found a website that shows how to mix basic fabric dye colors to come up with hundreds of other colors. There are websites that tell how to tie dye.

But there was life before the web, connectivity, and believe it or not, before social media. Continue reading “Fabric”


Midlife Crisis. One of mine came on as a bit of a jolt. As it turned out, the crisis became an opportunity, eventually, for a great restart.

“What’s a midlife crisis? It’s the stuff of jokes and stereotypes—the time in life when you do outrageous, impractical things like quit a job impulsively, buy a red sports car, or dump your spouse.” WebMD

I managed to do all three mentioned above, with a slight variation; I was the one dumped and propelled on an uncharted course. That’s how I got to Continue reading “Restart”