“So T Y P I C AL,” she spat.

So Bobby walked out without saying a word. Left. And he’s not going back.

No. No, Bobby didn’t walk out. There are days that he worries that by the time he figures out what he wants, it will be too late. Bobby has put up with it for a long time. Over twenty years. Rages. Angry. Emotional Withholding. Baiting. Did I say Rages. I’ve shared some of Bobby’s story—Bobby’s Rant and Bobby’s Mothers Day—of his life with crazy.

From what I understand, Bobby tries to be whatever his wife wants at the moment, but it can’t hold. Let go of a rubber band, it snaps back to its usual state. From what I know of crazies, they want the power over the rubber bands in their lives, and stretch them until they either break, or snap. Either way, then crazies rage. And they love to rage.

Why does Bobby stay in a marriage that really isn’t? Is he a gluten for the punishment? Is it because so many misinformed pastors say a marriage is forever?

Tell me? Bobby reads Jonahzsong. He’s read what you say.

Yesterday, I began the post Fabric with a quote. “If a fabric is contaminated with mildew. . .” It’s from the Bible. Specifically, the Book of Leviticus 13:47. The Law of G-d is so much more than “Thou Shall Not.” G-d’s care for us extends beyond our spiritual well being into all areas of our lives, e.g., diseases (like those from contaminated fabrics) and diet (restrictions on what meat can be eaten, and the best method for killing animals for food).

L-RD Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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