These verses are from Psalm 57, and also appear as the first two in Psalm 108 with only one use of steadfast. Steadfast is also translated as Fixed. One commentator suggests the psalmist was wavering and declares that his heart is now settled, and fixed. The idea comes through that the psalmist’s heart is fully … More Faceless


“If a fabric is contaminated with mildew. . .” These days, with the internet and access to it, it doesn’t take a lot of searching to find out how-to guidance. I found a website that shows how to mix basic fabric dye colors to come up with hundreds of other colors. There are websites that … More Fabric


Tabby, a very old Maine Coon cat,  is laying on the day bed in the corner of my ham shack. She looks up occasionally. She doesn’t say anything about the way the shack looks. It’s messy. And she doesn’t seem to mind that I’m sitting here at my radio station, listening to music. Although, no … More Messy

We’re Right; They’re Wrong; And Christians Still Die as They did in Rome

  Andrew Willow, a host of a conservative radio talk show The Wiklow Majority sub-titles his show with “We’re Right. They’re Wrong. End of Story.” He has a point. According to C.H. Spurgeon (19 June 1834 – 31 January 1892 Baptist Preacher in London) as Christians, as Followers of Y’shuaJesus, we are entitled. We have Christian Privilege. In … More We’re Right; They’re Wrong; And Christians Still Die as They did in Rome

Chill Out!

The Daily Post Writing Prompt RELAX Last summer, beneath a lonely full moon that cried out to me, “Chill Out, Dude,” I relaxed a little. I enjoyed the solitude, the sound of waves slapping the hull, and the breeze filling the sails. When finally the sun dropped behind the pine trees to the west, I stirred … More Chill Out!