Gone Fishin’

“So you had your own boat,” the young man asked, “and fished commercially?” “Yes. It was a long time ago,” the old preacher said. “That’s really cool. Why did you quit?” “It was ‘cool,’ as you say,” said the preacher. “I actually quit twice, then left for good. Life has other things that need to be … More Gone Fishin’


This morning I received an email from Witness Well. It’s a five-part series discussing the idea of churches canvassing. It’s a good article, and I recommend reading it. According to the author there is a benefit to not just those contacted, but to those that make the contact. “One of the greatest benefits a congregation … More Evangelism

Receiving the Messiah

Yesterday I waded through lists Street Preaching videos uploaded to YouTube. Among them were videos by people who scolded or harassed Street Preachers, videos of Street Preachers being attacked, videos of Street Preachers being arrested, and quite a few by Street Preachers doing their thing. I even watched a few minutes of about twenty videos. … More Receiving the Messiah