Last Days (4)

Again, let me say that there’s more to the Book of Revelation than death and destruction, the end of the world that is depicted in the doomsday media, which seems only to lead us to think of G-d’s plan for humankind as being annihilation. Yet parts, taken out of context, say just people will die … More Last Days (4)

Last Days (3)

Apocalypse, I said, viewed through media’s interpretation is death and destruction, the End of the World stuff. Some writers, with what they consider a Christian perspective, have suggested various scenarios that might take place before Messiah returns. They base their writing not only on the Book of Revelation, but also on other Bible Books such … More Last Days (3)

Baby Jesus with a voice was like the sound of many waters

Spending some time now in the Book of Revelation has reminded me of a way of viewing our Lord Y’shuaJesus that has bothered me for some time. It’s a different view from the one in Revelation. It’s been around for a long time, too. Matthew Henry’s commentary on the Bible includes it: the meekness of … More Baby Jesus with a voice was like the sound of many waters


We make things complicated some times. Perhaps we’re too learned, to knowledgeable. Perhaps we analyze too much. Or maybe we just think too much. Take the Book of Revelation, for example. It’s a Divinely inspired look at. . . What, exactly? I’ve been rereading the Book of Revelation. In the first chapters of the Book, … More KISS