The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him

The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him, who hope in His mercy.” (Psalms 147:11 MKJV)

Frequently I marvel at the notion that G-d, the Creator of the universe and all that is within it, takes pleasure in His people, takes pleasure in me. Does He take pleasure in my way upon Earth, in yiur way upon Earth? Does He take pleasure in our journey as we fumble around trying to find Him?

At church (Carbondale AG, Tulsa, OK) Pastor Phil spoke on G-d’s exceeding love of His people and His choosing us. Pastor Phil said that we use the term “accepting Christ” but that in reality it is G-d who accepts us after we repent and believe.

Even in our belief, it is actually a G-d-enabled belief. G-d chooses us. In this love, G-d takes pleasure in us, for He created us.

How far can I take the notion—idea? Can I call it an understanding of G-d’s pleasure in us? At the minimum, the result of G-d’s pleasure and choosing us is that I didn’t earn it, so can’t loose it. There is the freedom in Christ not to fear. Furthermore, I didn’t earn it, so can’t take pride that I merit the relationship as child of G-d. I was chosen not for my merit, not to earn continued favor, but simply through G-d’s infinite mercy, His love.

In the Psalm “The LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him. . .,” fear is better thought of as awe. G-d is awesome. Yes, Y’shuaJesus is our friend and we are free to speak with Him, to say anything. We are free to bare our soul to Him. Why not tell Him our secrets. He knows them anyway. But Y’shuaJesus is G-d. As such, our souls must leap for joy at His presence while also retreating in awe. Have you ever heard someone say, “When I get to Heaven I’m gonna ask Jesus. . .” this or that. I can assure you, when in the presence of Y’shuaJesus you will have nothing to say. On the contrary, you will place Your crowns at His feet, soul trembling in love and adoration—speechless.

Now given that The LORD, The Creator of the universe, takes pleasure in us, we have our life and significance. I like the word significance. It means I am okay as I am. I have value. Today. I am of value not in what I’ve worked for, not for any position in our society—or lack of it—but simply through being chosen and being a child of G-d.

There is FREEDOM. Thank G-d for His great mercy. Praise the LORD for His love and caring. He continues creating us, taking pleasure in us. He is, after all, the potter. . .

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

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