Thinking about Ways in Which to Read the Bible

I’ve finished my current readings in the Book of Revelation, from start to end, with stops in between to think about a particular phrase or term or section. When I stop, sometimes I read the various commentaries and notes that have been made by those who’ve gone before us. I’m fond of Matthew Henry. I’m not fond of “modern” commentaries, though. I often make notes as I work. Occasionally I take in a chapter then let it digest; it is Spiritual food.

Yesterday I read the final few chapters through without actually stopping at any particular place. I’ve done this before, on occasion. It’s actually a nice approach, and cam be applied nicely to the shorter books one sitting. It seems to me that the letters, or epistles, are meant to be read–or heard read from the pulpit–in this manner. There’s some things that one can absorb when it is done in this way. One makes an impression of the work as a whole without dissecting it into bite-sized pieces.

A good day to do this is on a Shabbat, or Sabbath, day. One might be tempted to make the usual notes in the margin, but one would not be holding to the study method, which is Point One: Read it all.

I’ve mentioned it before: I read Paul’s letter the the Roman Christians in a three-day period. Just read it. What I gleaned from it is that Paul cared and loved so much more than I’d realized before. I’d thought of him as gruff. It seemed to come of that way, especially from the sound bites received from the pulpit.

I wonder, do you have any reading or study methods you’d be willing to share?

Lord Bless, Keep, Shine. . .

I'd like to hear from you.

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